marți, 6 martie 2012

     You know that these days just on March 17 will be "Sensation Belgium".

     Promises to be a very interesting line-up consists of the following DJs:

- MR.White

- Juan Sanchez & Daniel Sanchez

- Mark Knight

- Afrojack

- Sander Van Doorn

- Dada Life

Tickets for Sensation Belgium you can find on Click HERE !

I will now present on every DJ Sensation Belgium festival now in super!

A. And start with Mr.Whtie, the festival is to "Sensation White" has a very experienced

long in Sensation White, Mr.White know what to make rhythms that make you move


2.In below I will present two major club DJ's music, namely brothers

Juan Sanchez and Daniel Sanchez.Acestia have successful concerts worldwide and

I recommend you listen to their songs and sets, but above all to come in number

The higher the Sensation White 2012.

3.Nu I could forget the great dj and producer of Knight emixiunii namely Tools

Mark Knight.Pe addition he has a successful radio show and produces and mixes

hits from all luma it makes you sit at one concert only with hands

air and to be drunk in ecstasy all timpul.Va still recommend listening

parts of the DJ.

4.Afrojack, is leading the charts all over the world but especially in

America is not surprising that it was one of the guests of honor of the great

Celebration Sensation Belgium.Daca not you ever heard Afrojack in action

the turntables and you should definitely attend the Sensation Belgium.

5.Dj the Dutch came just to liven up your ears and make you move

the parts lui.Una of his plays that made headlines both in Holland and in the

Much of the club lumii.In or with any sense think you should miss part

by Sander van Doorn, namely "Koko".

6.Suedezele Sensation will come to Belgium to do senzatie.Cum? How do I know them better

namely preferata.Au mixing your music came from Sweden that will make you

happy and do not forget any time that you were at Sensation Belgium.

Last but not least MC.ONY GEE help each year with his voice Sensation Belgium for

to have a night job neuitat.Toata is in his voice that makes you jump and shout

Sensation BELGIUM loud and clear.

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